Top Rated Employee Healthcare Minneapolis

Try our top rated employee healthcare in Minneapolis!

DAC Healthcare has partnered with S/BA Freedom Plans to provide some of the top-rated employee healthcare that Minneapolis has to offer. The S/BA Freedom Plans offer quality health care coverage at a fraction of other private insurers' costs. All S/BA Freedom healthcare plans are structured in strict accordance with current ERISA laws. That means they are Federally mandated to carry the same coverage level as more than 60% of employer health care plans. That 60% extends across public and private sector employers. If you need a health care solution for your small business, DAC Healthcare and S/BA Freedom Plans can help.

There is a reason these ERISA based S/BA Freedom Plans are among the top-rated employee healthcare plans. Minneapolis small business owners have been taking advantage of these plans to get affordable, flexible, highly rated healthcare for their employees. Imagine being able to offer affordable coverage to a team of 4-6 running a small retail store, without it devastating your bottom line. Imagine quality healthcare benefits being a perk that you can offer all prospective employees for your small business. The employer-provided insurance industry has seen a lot of chaotic changes and restructuring over the last few years. S/BA Freedom Plans can help you navigate it and get your employees the best healthcare plans at this price point on the market.

Don't let yourself or your team get crippled with a lack of affordable health care options. S/BA Freedom Plans and David Allen Capital can help your small business with a wide range of financial and healthcare products. DAC can offer financing for nearly any business cost, from startup to heavy equipment purchases. By partnering with S/BA Freedom Plans, DAC is proud to provide additional small business solutions in other crucial areas. Finances and healthcare go hand in hand for many small businesses, and that's why we're working to streamline both. Call DAC Capital or S/BA Freedom Plans today for more information!

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Top Rated Employee Healthcare Minneapolis

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